The campaign will begin in or near a moderate-sized port city. The
city is named Erane and lies on the western edge of the great [[Yenthu
Ocean]]. The port city is in a wetland valley at the fork of the Beln
and Soed mountain ranges which combine about 100 miles north and west
of Erane. The mountain ranges themselves have a long and bloody
history of birthing both empires and the barbarian hordes that
inevitably spell their end. Tucked into mountain valleys and along the
peaks lie uncounted villages, ruins, monasteries, and fortresses. Some
still hold a fealty to various long-dead lines of nobility, some live
as raiders and cut-throats, some serve forces from far away, and some
have emerged from the mountain depths to stake their claim on the
riches beneath the peaks or the trade routes that wend through the

Erane itself is a city that projects into the Erane bay on pontoons,
stilted houses, and barges. Several hundred years ago a powerful group
of Druids arrived in the city and slaughtered the warlord who had
claimed the city’s docks. Declaring that the natural order of the bay
had been disrupted and needed restoration they imposed a strict
conservation plan. Calling themselves simply the Worr they gave no
information about their origins or how they arrived at Erane. They
declared that the city would be neutral to all politics that any who
transgressed their judgment of what serves the natural order of the
bay would be swiftly punished.

Though the Worr sometimes have been known to level or move entire
sections of the city with little notice and with causes inscrutable to
those outside their ranks, they have held true to their word and have
remained unconnected from the city’s events on any sustained
commercial or political level. As a result of the location of the
city, the protection of the Druids, and their neutrality, the city has
become a meeting-place and trading ground for a dizzying number of
races, clans, and guilds that operate in the Yenthu Ocean, the
mountains, or in lands far beyond either. The normal range of D&D
races are joined by aquatic species in a cacophony of mountain
dwellers, barbarians, mercenaries, pirates, and others. All build
constantly shifting networks of obligation, hatred, betrayal, and

It is here that your characters will create their destiny.


Raman RachelMaccabee Sinisinus